Battlestar Galactica 4.21 “Daybreak: Part 1”


Here we are, at the end of the line.  Almost.  Penultimate Galactica.

This week began the series finale, and we’ve got some serious action coming in the final two hours.

This episode was flashback-heavy, going back to life on Caprica before the Cylon attack.  We got to see President Roslin host a baby shower for her sister, who, with the rest of the family, was then killed in an auto accident by a drunk driver.  Geez, did these people ever have it good?  The Admiral was shown grudgingly accepting an assignment to do something that “would only take an hour”.  I can only assume this was the Galactica decommissioning and museum opening.  Good thing he was there.  Kara was making dinner, meeting Lee for the first time, and we got to see Zak!  Sure took them long enough.  And Baltar, when not getting drunk and making out with Six in the back of a limo, was looking after his father (not happily), with Six arranging rest-home-type living for his old man.

All very interesting stuff, and we’ll see how much of that figures into next week.

Back in the present day, the old man was packing up his stuff, with bizarre-to-see labels routing his stuff to his new quarters on the base ship.  He visited the wall of photos one last time, and in a great moment, standing there illuminated by a spotlight, he turned back into the room with the wall, grabbed the picture of Athena and Hera, and made the decision to go after her.

Back at the Colony, creepy-ass Cavil prepared Hera for “surgery”, the best part being the reappearance of Simon! and tour-guide Cylon guy.  Ended with an ominous donning of the rubber gloves by Simon.  Yikes.

With the help of Kara and Lee, the Admiral’s decision culminated in a fantastic scene, where what appeared to be the entire main cast was assembled in the main hangar.  Adama gave the “this is likely to be a one-way trip” speech that, if you’ve been watching Sci-Fi at all in the last week, you’ve been unable to avoid, and showed everyone a long strip of red tape running down the center of the hangar.  Who’s with me to the starboard, who’s against me to port.

Understandably, most stayed on the port side, but all the main peeps that we all wanted to see headed for starboard.  The Adamas, Kara, Six, Tigh, the rest of the final five, all the miscellaneous pilots, even Laura climbed out of her deathbed to make the statement.  Naturally, as was fitting with the theme for him, Baltar stayed to port like a punk (however, next week shows him toting a gun, so we’ll see).

After the redeemed Racetrack and Skulls ran a recon mission to the Colony, discovering that it sits right next to a frakkin’ black hole (this one’s gonna be interesting), we got to see the gang readying their plans (including Lee back in a flight suit!!!!), with the Admiral closing out the episode with, “All right.  Let’s get to work.”

This Friday is going to simultaneously going to be bitchin’ and depressing as hell.

I can’t wait.

Battlestar Galactica 4.21  “Daybreak: Part 1”   A


~ by skirkster on March 16, 2009.

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