The Gadget Roundup: February 19

Only a day late, not too bad, right?  Anyway, here’s some stuff I found in the last week.


Continuing the zombie theme, here’s Zombie Mario.  I have to have this now.  Currently sold out, but keep checking over at Single Second for availability.

In “Now I Really Have A Reason To Get An iPhone News”, comes an updated version of Oregon Trail.  Seriously.


Available from the App Store on February 28.  All I can say is, YOU HAVE DIED OF DYSENTERY


A real-life, honest-to-God spy watch.  There’s a camera on the face.  Records AVI video with 2 GB of memory.  Available here. $189.

rite-in-rain-notebookFor your waterproof Moleskine alternative, the Rite in the Rain notebook for $4.  Also available at the same link is an all-weather pen from the same guys.


To be honest, I wouldn’t normally put a Pepsi product in here (I’m a Coke addict, myself) but the idea for this sounded interesting plus I had a Pepsi Max the other day and it was surprisingly good.  The throwback (besides the logo) is that they used sugar instead of the good old high-fructose corn syrup for sweetener, making it much more like Mexican Coke in that aspect.  Mountain Dew will also be doing the same thing.  Price and release date to be announced.


Yes, that’s booze.  Yes, it’s a gun that shoots EFFING BOOZE!  Looks like it came from the future, too.  Nice.  I have no idea what it costs, but you can check it out here.

I’ll close this out with a few more T-shirts I found.

The Death Star as a disco ball. $24.94.


Prince on a Segway. Awesome.  $23.


Pretty self-explanatory, I think.  From faux sure through etsy.  They also have the same design with speakers as well as cassette tapes.  In tote bag form too.  $21.50 for the tees, $9.50 for the bags.


~ by skirkster on February 19, 2009.

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  1. I died of typhoid fever, actually

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