My favorite things in 2008

Thanks to my cousin for the idea for this one (sorry about the blatant rip-off and the copied items).

In no particular order:

  1. My wedding.
  2. My wife falling prey to Web 2.0, i.e. blogging and Twitter.
  3. The BBC’s Jekyll (I only saw it this year, ok?).
  4. Lost, always Lost.
  5. Image Comics’ Invincible.
  6. Topless Robot‘s Heroes liveblog (but not the actual show).
  7. This blog, which in turn led to…
  8. Getting my gift guide named one of the 101 year’s best by a (somewhat) well-known site, DVICE.
  9. Twitter, Twitter, Twitter.
  10. Olly Moss.  Someone tell me how to get prints of this guy’s stuff, please.
  11. Doughnuts.
  12. Powell’s Books, Pastaworks, and Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Portland, OR.
  13. An espresso machine.
  14. A Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.
  15. World of Warcraft and City of Heroes (mega-geeky, I know).
  16. A (nearly) finished house.
  17. Our HD DVR.
  18. Finally finishing The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. (Don’t worry, Gravity’s Rainbow, I’m coming for you soon).
  19. O’Leaver’s Pub (of course).
  20. Blue Sushi Sake Grill opening in the Old Market (thanks, Jessica).
  21. AMC’s Breaking Bad.  Seriously great.
  22. Hulu.
  23. Wall*E.
  24. Doctor Who.
  25. Bread baked by yours truly.
  26. Dolly Madison Coffee Cakes.
  27. All things J.J. Abrams (Lost, Fringe, Cloverfield, Star Trek).
  28. Obama-rama.
  29. Tapes ‘n Tapes at Sokol Underground.
  30. Dropbox.  Seriously, get it now.
  31. The A.V. Club.
  32. The Whole Foods deli.
  33. A new, bigger location for Wohlner’s Grocery.
  34. Tequila shots with my best friends to take the edge off minutes before I got married.
  35. World of Goo.
  36. io9 and Lifehacker.
  37. The Kevin and Bean podcast from KROQ.
  38. A rejuvenated Chuck.
  39. Famous people responding to me on Twitter, when they have absolutely no obligation to (thanks, Tip!).
  40. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
  41. BitTorrent (not that I’ve ever used it).
  42. Thao Nguyen’s ‘Bag of Hammers‘.
  43. A walrus playing a saxophone (this may be the unofficial number one).
  44. Galactica.
  45. The Star Trek trailer.

That looks to be it.


~ by skirkster on January 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “My favorite things in 2008”

  1. nice list dude! whole foods, yum. sushi please.

  2. whatever, follower. no wait, i’ll take it as homage and say “thanks!”

    also? #12 all within walking distance for me now! well, if you want to walk all the way across the river to go to powell’s.

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