The Cloud’s 1st annual holiday gift guide (books edition)

I debated on whether or not to have this edition be an all-media version, but I love books and reading so much, any list containing books, movies and music would have been way too long, so here we are.  This post, however, will probably be the longest of all, so get ready.


John Hodgman’s (of The Daily Show and the PC from the Mac vs. PC commercials) second book, it’s full of lists and random information such as How to Tell the Future Using a Pig’s Spleen, What to Expect While Serving as a Juror, Gambling (“Sure Thing Number Three: Star Wars Slots”), and How to Deal With Some Common Infestations.  The title is really self-explanatory.  Also available is his first book, The Areas of My Expertise.

$16.50 at Amazon.


The debut novel by a founding editor of The Believer about the mundane everyday life of office culture, where layoffs have everyone in a panic.  Perfect for anyone who’s ever worked in a cubicled office, and incredibly timely.

$10.40 at Amazon.


Ahh, new King.  Always a pleasure for me.  For those who hate him, just deal with it and move on to the next entry.  It’s a new collection of short stories (which is almost always his best work) and comes in two editions, one just the book and one with a DVD of his Marvel Comics animated series, N.

$24.75 at Amazon or $16.80 for the book alone.

I love to cook, which doesn’t exactly fit with theme around here, but for those who might be interested anyway, I thought I’d share what I’m interested in this year in cookbooks.


This is the new cookbook from chef Joël Robuchon.  One of the most famous chefs in the world, he’s received 17 Michelin stars over his career, more than any other chef.  When my wife and I traveled to Europe, we considered dining at one of his restaurants in Paris, but ended up at Lé Grand Colbert instead, after seeing the prices.  But I digress.

$23.10 at Amazon.


As you can see, I like French food.  This one just looked intriguing to me.

$40 at Amazon.


The Silver Spoon, by Phaidon Press, is called “Italy’s best-selling cookbook since 1950”.  1,200 pages with 2,000 authentic Italian recipes gives you plenty of options.  I already have the other European Phaidon cookbook, 1080 Recipes, from Spain, and I love it.

$29.70 at Amazon.


As much as I love cooking, I love nothing more than baking my own bread.  Beard on Bread is considered the bible of bread-baking, and it’s a must for any would-be baker.

$11.53 at Amazon.

Now on to the comics section.


The above is Scholastic’s color reprinting of Jeff Smith’s Bone series, volume 8: Treasure Hunters.  I have volumes one through seven and can’t wait to get to the end, in the ninth book.  I first heard of this series a long time ago, but didn’t start reading it until the color reprints, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Great for both kids and adults.

$9.99 at Amazon.


This is the covers collection from the Vertigo comic Fables.  With some of the best covers ever created, it makes a great coffee table book.

$26.39 at Amazon.


Couldn’t have a list like this without this bad boy on there, now could we?  The original graphic novel, with the film version coming out in March of next year, is considered to be the best graphic novel ever written.  Here’s hoping the film can live up to that.  It’ll be tough.

Absolute Watchmen for $58.80; regular hardcover for $26.39 at Amazon.

raslThis is the first collection of RASL, by Jeff Smith of the above-mentioned Bone.  It collects the first three issues (which only come out every six months or so).  Already a fantastic read, though.

$10.40 for preorder at Amazon.


This is a collection of the 1966 Japanese Batman series that is now collected, in English, for the first time.  Everyone seems to want this one, and for good reason.

$37.80 at Amazon.

And finally, what isn’t really a book, but what everyone should have at least one of,


A Moleskine notebook. (older versions shown)  They come in all kinds, ruled, graph, music, planners and now city notebooks.  Indispensable, really.  I love them so much I’ll probably end up doing a post on them alone.

Prices vary at the Amazon Moleskine Store.

Another long edition of the holiday guide comes to an end.  I’ll be back with one more to wrap up all the other stuff, music, movies and other miscellaneous things that I might have forgotten.


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