Most people have at least heard of it by now.  For those who haven’t, Twitter is what’s known as a “micro-blogging” service, providing people with an outlet for short, quick messages with a maximum length of 140 characters.  It has exploded in popularity in the last year or so, with over 6 million users now active.


It’s really the most viable option for many who don’t have the time or dedication for a full-blown blog; Twitter not only has its original web interface, but also supports third-party applications such as Twitterific and users can also send “tweets” via SMS text messaging.

Chances are good if you’re reading this you’re already a user, since I occasionally link to new posts from here onto Twitter.  Since the size of each message is so limited, most people have to use a link-shrinking webapp if they ever want to post links.  I personally use, as I mentioned in a previous post, but TinyUrl is still the most popular, based on what I’ve seen.

Like most social networking-oriented sites, you can “follow” other people’s Twitter feeds and vice versa.  This inevitably leads to those types that make it their goal to follow the most people they possibly can, like the Tila Tequilas of the world, adding every single person out there they can possibly find.  I’ve tried to keep mine limited (I follow 87 people right now), but every once in a while I find someone else to add.

Several celebrities from A-list all the way down to H-list (does that even exist?) have their own feeds; those are pretty entertaining most of the time, since you get a glimpse into the mundane and random thoughts of each user.  Here’s a few of the more famous and interesting people who I follow.

Wil Wheaton


Wil Wheaton is an actor, most famously known for playing the lead character in Stand By Me as well as Ensign Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  One of the most-followed people on Twitter.  You can find his blog here.

Barack Obama


Yup, even the president-elect is on here (as well as John McCain).  There hasn’t been an update since election day, however.

Matt Fraction


Comic book writer best known for his work on The Invincible Iron Man, The Immortal Iron Fist, and Casanova. Always funny and entertaining.  His site is located here.

Warren Ellis


Another comics writer (one of my personal favorites) known for Planetary, The Authority, and currently on Astonishing X-Men.  Without a doubt the funniest, strangest one out there.  His site is here.

Jamie McKelvie


A comic book artist (see the theme here?) who I just recently discovered.  I love his art style, in works like Phonogram and Suburban Glamour.  Check out some of his work here.  He recently announced via his feed that he’ll be working on Marvel’s Cable soon.

The Mars Phoenix Lander


No longer transmitting (just like the lander itself), this feed was a interesting way to keep informed on what the day-to-day activities and tasks of the lander were.

Ben Templesmith


Templesmith is an artist/writer whose most famous work has to be the 30 Days of Night series, as well as many other horror-themed books.  Amazing, nearly photorealistic artwork you can find here.  Very heavy on the political side, but entertaining as well.

?uestlove of The Roots


Drummer for hip-hop outfit The Roots.  Always seemed like a cool guy to me, especially after the Chappelle’s Show appearance, and it’s always interesting to see who he’s talking to.

Stephen Fry


I grew up watching Fry on Jeeves and Wooster (co-starring Hugh Laurie of House), the BBC adaptation of the P.G. Wodehouse novels.  He now writes a gadget review column for the UK’s Guardian and recently starred in V for Vendetta as well as a guest spot in Extras.

Greg Grunberg


Grunberg plays the telepathic, reality-altering Matt Parkman on NBC’s Heroes, as well as roles on Felicity and Alias.

John Hodgman


Hodgman is an author, Daily Show correspondent, but probably best known as the “PC” in the PC & Mac Apple commercials.  Always smart, clever and geeky.

Those are the more famous types that I know of; there are also several news sites, shows and other miscellany that I follow:



NPR’s All Songs Considered

The Chicago Tribune’s Mo Ryan (TV critic) –

Amazon mp3 (daily deals at’s mp3 store) –

Twitter Grader (a cool site that “grades” your Twitter standing) –

The Onion

Whew.  So there’s a now-long sampling of what I’d recommend out there on Twitter; I’m sure one can find a lot more pretty easily.

All this and more can be found over at my personal favorite feed, my own!  What else?


~ by skirkster on December 9, 2008.

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