TinyURL, the bell tolls for thee

I’ve been using TinyURL exclusively to shrink my URLs for a while now, but recently Lifehacker ran a story about tr.im – an even shorter URL shrinker.  So, while fooling around with Twitterific tonight, I remembered that story, went and checked out tr.im, and it’s no contest.

Better interface, for one thing.  Check out the differences:



Vs. this:


One of these things is not like the other.

Plus, tr.im will automatically post your “trim” to Twitter; you can even create a user account will which track all of your previously created “trims”.  They also have statistics for how many views all of your created URLs have as well as a bookmarklet so that you can tr.im any page that you’re currently viewing, which is incredibly convenient.  If you enlarge the tr.im screenshot above you’ll see the bookmarklet link in my bookmarks bar.

So, anyone who thinks that TinyURL is too long (I know how bad that sounds), give tr.im a try.

You can find my Twitter feed here, by the way.



~ by skirkster on December 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “TinyURL, the bell tolls for thee”

  1. I moved over to tr.im too. I love the stats and the bookmarklet, plus the URLs are about 10 characters shorter.

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